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Sakura’s Cherry Blossoms    

The updated image gallery

             This is a site dedicated to the images of  Cardcaptor Sakura. I love the anime & manga, so I decided to make a site of it. I will be updating as often as I can.


             You can contribute too. If you have any images you wish to share, email them to me (contact page). I will also be willing to accept fanart, fanfiction, and anything else you can think of.


             I need more, so please, if you have anything, email me!


             For now, enjoy the website!!

Text Box: 7/17/04

	I finally started the site today. I had this website on Tripod and I never updated it since January 03! So I looked at it… it’s alright, but it really needed some updating! So, I decided to make a better site! I’m hoping to get some more reviews on this site! I’m also working on some fanart and fanfiction of my own. Of course, I don’t have a computer at the time (it’s fried), so I’m using my laptop, and I don’t have a scanner… so I’ll have to wait on the fanart scanning, but I can get the fanfiction up!

	Today, I designed the pages. The first page is just a plain pink/purple/white layout. Sakura’s page is a card of her. Same with everyone’s, but the “Others” “Couples” “Animated Gifs” ect. I also started finding other pictures that I used on my other website.
Text Box: 7/18/04

	I found a bunch of pictures, started adding text, and changed the backgrounds to a different kind of card with the clow symbol. That’s really all there is to say… Oh, I started putting pictures in too.
Text Box: 7/23/04

	I’ve been updating for the past few days, but I forgot to write about it. I found tons of more pictures & now have pictures on every page. I did A LOT today.